Powerbeats3 Wireless in-ear style earphone feel

Since the purchase of iphone7, the headset has become a headache for me. As the daily use of high frequency, a headset and data sharing an interface can not be used to charge the headset at the same time, and secondly, the number of plugs and more damage to the interface.
Helpless Airpods delay, based on my personal needs, started the black pb3.

Powerbeats3wireless 12HR Battery Life 5
Powerbeats3wireless 12HR Battery Life 5

Say my use experience:
1. The first point is the most important! Pb3 is a hanging ear headphones, but for a long time to wear without any discomfort, hanging part of the material for all soft rubber, worry about the comfort of friends can rest assured.
2. Personal feeling no advertising so exaggerated, just the first time to match some of the daily use of the time or from time to time to set the menu click to connect.
3. The life of the publicity did not shrink
4. As long as an icloud account connected to a device, the icloud account of the remaining devices connected to the Bluetooth headset only need to click, very convenient, you can also display the power
5. earplugs can be changed, a total of three pairs of different sizes of earplugs can be replaced on demand. Also sent a soft silicone storage sets, put up when put inside, very easy to use!
6. Sound insulation is good, no line of the shackles, subway bus above the free more. Driving is not recommended to use, easy to hear the sound outside, such as whistle and the like
7. what sound quality Well, I am not professional, not much to say anything. Can only say that bass is very good, much better than carrying the ep
Here to Airpods poured cold water
I think Airpods in the daily use of the biggest problem is easy to lose! Think about it, a headset actually has three parts (two earplugs, a small box, listening to songs when all of a sudden … it is falling pain), easily lost, especially more people go out, it is inevitable rush The I go out more often, this pb3 and ip7 paired very comfortable, almost no sense of existence, there is no feeling of restraint is quite good.

This headset I was recommended to buy.

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