AirPods vs. PowerBeats3: Apple W1 chip wireless headset experience comparison

Apple recently launched two new W1 chip with ear headphones – AirPods and PowerBeats3, with W1 chip blessing, these two headphones can be Bluetooth and iCloud quickly with the iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch pair. Beats Solo3 also equipped with Apple designed W1 chip, but it is a headset.

Foreign media on the AirPods and PowerBeats3 two headphones to get started experience and comparison, IT home for everyone to bring the original compilation, let us look at the two headphones with the W1 chip blessing, in terms of experience and function What is different.

Apple’s AirPods package includes left and right headphones, a plastic charging cartridge for easy access to headphones, and a standard USB-A to Lightening cable.

Beats PowerBeats3 package includes Bluetooth headset body, a rubber case for the headset, a shorter USB-A to micro USB data cable, and three pairs of different sizes of silicone earplugs. Both headphones are not supplied with a power adapter.

Each AirPod has a separate battery, into the charging box to charge, Apple said that a full charge can be used for 5 hours, and fast charge 15 minutes to get 3 hours of use time.

AirPods charging box charging and charging to the iPhone, like a lightening data cable can be resolved, Apple said charging box for AirPods can bring an additional 24 hours of use time, this can bring AirPods more than a day of use time.

PowerBeats3 is equipped with Apple’s custom W1 chip, but did not use Apple’s proprietary Lightening charging interface, but through a set in the headset on the left of the micro USB interface charge, a charge can use 12 hours.

Because there is no separate charging box, so PowerBeats3 need to charge a full charge to reach AirPods battery life, it is also equipped with a fast charging function, charging 15 minutes to get 1 hour of use time.

One charge can be used continuously for 12 hours, so PowerBeats3 wins in the life part of the time; thanks to the independent charging box, AirPods can be intermittently used for more than 1 full day.
Both are connected via Bluetooth and sound sources, so both headphones are “wireless”, but AirPods is really “wireless” because it does not have PowerBeats3 around the neck to connect the left and right channels of the cable. In the headset industry, the “wireless” the term wasted in a cable with Bluetooth headset is simply too bad!

If you are afraid of sports in the exercise may be accidentally lost earplugs, PowerBeats3 may be a better choice, it is equipped with ear hanging to ensure that the use will not chaos, the cable can also help you adjust the appropriate tightness, In the absence of time you can also PowerBeats3 hanging in the neck, and AirPods can only be properly worn in the ears will not fall out.

PowerBeats3 is more cumbersome than AirPods, and will be distracted during exercise, always hanging with my glasses, ear slanting angle so that when I wear PowerBeats3 more expensive than AirPods, when the left or right turn around, Cable too tight will make me feel uncomfortable, too loose and worry about the headset fell.

PowerBeats3 has multiple sizes of earplugs to fit the size of the ear, while AirPods have only a certain shape and size, and you may be worried that the latter will not be inappropriate. In the actual experience, in my running 2.6 miles and the use of a few minutes of elliptical machine during the exercise, AirPods did not have any problems, did not fall out from the ears, do not like the wired headset as often need to adjust the location.

PowerBeats3 can be through the button on the cable to achieve playback and adjust the volume and other operations, although the use of the process to achieve and identify these operations some difficulties. When a headset from the ears out, AirPods will automatically suspend the music, put it back automatically after the start to play, double-click gesture operation can activate Siri, through the voice input other instructions. Although this gesture takes some time to get used to and skilled, but very easy to use, even wearing gloves or through the wool cap can also be operated.

AirPods are also very suitable when used at will. PowerBeats3 must be manually turned on or off when used, and can not be switched between on / off modes; AirPods are earbuds rather than in-ear, so you do not hear the ears and hear the surrounding sounds In the road or through the grocery store will not affect you walk, of course, you can always use an AirPod; PowerBeats3 is not designed to use only one side of the ear, you can imagine a headset dragging line Cable, hanging on the chest, that experience is too bad.

Objectively speaking, PowerBeats3 in the waterproof sweat, really beat AirPods. Before the start of the test I also worry about my ear will not be suitable for wearing AirPods (because EarPods are not suitable), after the final test I made the decision: in most of the scenes, including exercise, for me compared to PowerBeats , AirPods is a better choice.

Sweating is not my worry, but I sometimes run in the rain or windy weather, then it may damage the AirPods even more likely to accidentally throw it, so I finally decided to exercise in bad weather , Or continue to use my experience that the general wired Bluetooth headset it

Before the evaluation I actually do not know which option is equipped with W1 chip headset. AirPods are better in wireless experience, PowerBeats3 seems more suitable for physical exercise. At the end of this review, I strongly recommend AirPods, but based on exercise or other needs, experience may vary from person to person.


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